All mains are served with Mexican rice and refried beans.

Smoked Chicken Enchilada (gf) £14.45

Mesquite smoked chicken, shredded & served in corn tortillas with a homemade tomatillo salsa, mixed with cheese, garnished with chipotle cream & guacamole cream

Vegetarian Enchiladas     (gf) (V) £13.75

2 corn tortillas filled with butternut squash, sweetcorn, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, & queso fresco cheese.  Served with salsa verde, fresh guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Pepitas & sour cream

Pulled Beef Enchilada (gf) £14.85

Shredded slow roasted beef in a chipotle tomato sauce, folded in a griddled cheese corn tortilla, topped with a cheese & tomato sauce, garnished with guacamole, corn strips, radish, Pico de Gallo & chipotle cream

Carnitas     (gf) £15.15

Slow roasted pork shoulder, grilled in an arbol chilli sauce, served with guacamole, garnished with pink pickled onion, Pico de Gallo & sour cream

Prawn Chilaquiles (gf) £15.75

King prawns pan fried in garlic and white wine, then sauted with totopos and salsa verde and topped with feta cheese.

Mole Rojas   (gf) n £14.25

Considered to be Mexico’s national dish – chicken with a blend of 20+ ingredients including chillies, spices, herbs, almonds and chocolate, served with Mexican rice.

Chilli Con Carne (gf) £12.50 

Our home-made chilli, serviced with Mexican rice, tortilla chips, sour cream & refried beans

Veg Chilli v £11.75

Home-made veg chilli – sweet potato, butternut squash, peppers, chillies, tomatoes, served with refried beans, Mexican rice, sour cream & tortillas

Fajitas – Ask for corn (gf) or flour

Choose from chicken £13.95, steak £14.35 or vegetables £11.75, served on a sizzling skillet & served with 4 soft flour or corn tortillas with a side of guacamole, sour cream, shredded lettuce & cheese


A flour tortilla wrapped around salad, refried beans, Mexican rice, cheese, Pico de Gallo & sour cream.  Choose from – Spicy Chicken £11.75, Chilli Beef £11.75   or Veg Chilli £10.95  v