(Starters and Light Bites)

Guacamole £7.00

(V) (GF) (N)

(Can be made Vegan)

Fresh home-made guacamole, Hass avocado, tomato, onion, jalapenos, coriander, garnished with fresh parmesan, and Spiced Walnuts, served with tortilla chips.

Elote £6.00 (V) (GF)

Mexican street food favourite – roasted sweetcorn with spicy mayo, Wensleydale cheese & a lime wedge.

Nachos Single £6.95 Large £9.95 (V) (GF) (Can be made vegan)

Corn tortillas with refried beans, melted cheese & topped with red & green jalapenos chilies & black olives, with guacamole, red salsa & sour cream.

Mexican Crab Flautas £6.75 (GF)

white crab meat mixed with habanero chilli, lime juice, mayo & coriander, then rolled in (2) corn tortillas then deep fried. served topped with jalapeno aioli,

Chimichanga £ 6.00

Flour tortilla with your choice of filling, deep fried till golden brown. Served with lettuce, sour cream & salsa.  Choose from: chilli beef – spicy chicken – veg chilli v (Can be made vegan)

Sopas £6.50 (gf)

Spicy Mexican soup served with rice, chicken, avocado and garnished with fresh coriander, tortilla chips and lime wedge.

Avocado Crunchies £6.25 (V) (GF)

Fresh avocado soaked in homemade buttermilk and deep fried with a crunchie pumpkin seed coating served with a rich tomato jam.

Croquet de Batata £ 6.00 (V) (GF) (Can be made vegan)

Sweet potato and feta cheese croquettes chipotle crema.